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Terms of Service

These general conditions of online sale, together with the conditions of delivery and payment of the goods provided on this Site, constitute an integral part of the sales contract concluded between the user of the site www.swiss-iat-institute.org (hereinafter the Client) and Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute.

The website www.swiss-iat-institute.org offers its users a service consisting in the promotion of training courses. Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute invites you to carefully read the general conditions of online sale. Every registered customer who orders from www.swiss-iat-institute.org accepts the general conditions of online sale.

1.Conditions for placing an order

1.1 The Customer placing an order for private use must be 18 years or older, must be solvent or legally authorized by the parental or guardian authority.

1.2 The Customer who places an order for Firms, Entities, Companies, must be 18 years or older, must be solvent and legally authorized by the person in charge of the Firm, Entity, Company.

1.3 Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute declines all responsibility in the event that incapable or unauthorized persons act in violation of this rule.

1.4 The Customer signs up with his / her data, entering his / her name, surname, address, telephone number that are valid and true. He also undertakes to modify his personal data whenever they are different or insufficient.

1.5 All trademarks and logos used to identify the site www.swiss-iat-institute.org are the property of Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute and may not be used by the Client without the express written authorization of Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute.

1.6 If one or some of the clauses of this contract are found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining clauses will retain their validity. In this case the invalid or unenforceable clauses will be replaced by valid and applicable clauses and in line with the purposes and contents of this contract as far as possible.

  1. Terms of use

2.1 Appropriate registration is required to take advantage of offers in the online shop. In this regard, as a Customer, the User is responsible for providing truthful and complete information.

2.2 The Company is under no obligation to accept registration or orders from a registered Customer. Likewise, it has no obligation to make its services constantly available. This in no way affects orders that have already been confirmed.

2.3 If incomplete or inaccurate information is provided at the time of registration, or if the User fails to inform the Company of any changes, the Company has the right to immediately exclude the User from using the online store.

2.4 The Customer has an obligation to treat his personal login information as confidential and to prevent access by unauthorized third parties.

2.5 The Client agrees to ensure that all information provided to Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute or entered by him directly on the website www.swiss-iat-institute.org is always true, accurate and not misleading. The Customer is responsible at all times for the accuracy and timeliness of the information made available as well as for the timely communication to Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute of any incorrect information.

2.6 Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute is guaranteed full non-exclusive and royalty-free use for the implementation of this contract with regard to the reproduction, distribution, making available to the public in any form, of the Client's intellectual property, with particular regard to the rights relating to any trademarks and content protected by copyright.

2.7 The Customer must ensure that he has the necessary authorizations to use the information, with particular regard to those whose right of use is guaranteed to Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies.

2.8 In the event that third parties claim the violation of copyright, trademark or copyright in the contents created by Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute, the Client indemnifies and substitutes Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute in the compensation of the aforementioned violations in all the cases of fault attributable to the Customer.

2.9 www.swiss-iat-institute.org also reserves the right to report any act that is harmful to human dignity to the competent authorities.

2.10 www.swiss-iat-institute.org will report, finally, to the authorities in charge any external attempt to break the security systems of the site or which may in any way be considered as hostile.

  1. Terms of payment

3.1 Prices are expressed in Swiss Francs (CHF).

3.2 Shipping costs are not included (see shipping methods and costs).

3.3 The Customer can pay the amounts due online.

  1. Shipping methods, expenses

4.1 The shipping costs of the products vary according to the country of destination.

  1. Timing

5.1 Order fulfillment times are calculated from the moment payment is received and are at the discretion of the Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute.

5.2 Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute is never responsible for any delays that occur.

  1. Right of withdrawal

6.1 The application of the right of withdrawal with respect to goods or services purchased on the website www.swiss-iat-institute.org is never foreseen.

6.2 During the procedure for choosing the service or product and ordering it, the Customer has the right to change his mind or to cancel the entire order. Once, however, that the order is forwarded and the process of evasion of the same by www.swiss-iat-institute.org begins, the Customer is no longer given the possibility of reconsidering. However, customers are invited to contact the Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute directly.

  1. Prices

7.1 All prices indicated are in Swiss francs (CHF) and include VAT.

7.2 All prices are valid for the period of validity of the offers, except for writing or calculation errors.

  1. Protection of personal data

8.1 Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute undertakes not to divulge the customer's personal data and to maintain professional secrecy for any sales or purchase negotiations or requests made. You agree that your personal data will be transferred and processed in Switzerland.

  1. Indemnify

9.1 www.swiss-iat-institute.org declines all responsibility for the total or partial loss of data sent to its site and / or mail server. Furthermore, it declines all responsibility for any defects or lack of quality of the goods, tools, applications, included in the Service, made available or connected to them; as well as for the consequences that may arise for Customers from possible malfunctions or damages and for the loss of profits that may result from the use of its Service.

9.2 The Customer undertakes to indemnify www.swiss-iat-institute.org, its associated, controlled or investee companies, branches, employees and collaborators, from any claim, claim or dispute, including all expenses and charges, including legal nature, deriving from the use of the Service by the Customer.

9.3 It is essential to specify that www.swiss-iat-institute.org is not able to verify the origin and nature of the data that are published with the use of the Service over which, therefore, it cannot exercise any form of control. www.swiss-iat-institute.org, therefore, excludes any responsibility.

9.4 www.swiss-iat-institute.org declines all responsibility as regards the type of use that the Customer will make of the tools, information and images obtained through the Service, in particular when the aforementioned use should prove to be non-compliant with the laws in force. In this way www.swiss-iat-institute.org reserves the right not to publish and / or delete images that are even partially or covertly attributable to the aforementioned hypotheses.

9.5 Incomplete orders, left pending for any reason independent of www.swiss-iat-institute.org, will be automatically canceled after 30 days from the date of the order.

9.6 Orders in progress for more than 60 days, for which orders are awaited by the Customer, will be automatically canceled after this deadline.

  1. Modification of the General Conditions of online sale

10.1 Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute may modify, at any time and without notice, the content of the general conditions of online sale and of this document.

10.2 Any changes made will be valid from the date of publication on the Site, as declared in the heading of the general conditions themselves.

  1. Links to other websites

11.1 Swiss Innovative Arts and Technologies Institute is not responsible for the links of other websites, the content of their pages, the products, services or other offers offered therein.

  1. Jurisdiction

Our business activity is governed exclusively by Swiss law. Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction is SWISS INNOVATIVE ARTS AND TECHNOLOGIES INSTITUTE, Via Girella 20, Lamone (TI), Switzerland.