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R2M_3 AEROPONIX children's course

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Purpose of the course

In the current training course of traditional teaching, among children in the age group 8-13 years, there is a lack of culture of “ MAKER technologies , necessary in the formation of the skills of the future. A series of courses aimed at filling this gap is therefore born from this need: the ROAD TO MARS, characterized by the “ SPACE ECONOMY ”. The name contains a possible way (made up of many small steps) to "take children to Mars", which today represents what was the challenge to go to the Moon in the 1960s.

These courses (of which AEROPONIX is one) are interactive, designed for boys and girls, between 8 and 13 years old, developed in such a way as to be able to connect to other modules lasting one day each, in which to disseminate the culture on the knowledge and skills of the enabling "MAKER" technologies of the near future, which has now become present. The courses will allow children to acquire sufficient mastery and confidence about " STEAM " (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) scientific topics, to tackle these subjects with greater confidence and competence at school , while providing the opportunity to to have a " MAKER " experience in order to subsequently be able to choose their future with awareness : which formative path to undertake in second level secondary education . This choice will affect both the entire school (pedagogical) and subsequent professional (andragogic) training path, therefore a good part of their life, with the possibility of contributing to the well-being of the nation and the territory in which they live, in addition to their own and the family .


The training course is characterized by a highly interactive and applicative methodology, leading the children to learn, experimenting with play. The teaching methodology is based on 70-20-10 (70% practice - experience in the field, 20% verification of practice - the result of collaboration and interaction with their classmates and 10% theory - illustrated by the teachers) . The training proposal is innovative, engaging and experiential , with the aim that the children finish the course having made their own the skills acquired during the day, symbolized by an object they conceived, designed and built (in this case a greenhouse, symbol of the food and oxygen needed to live on Mars, a step of the ROAD TO MARS) .

The course will take place over a whole day (Saturday) , from 8 with the reception of children accompanied by their parents, until 18 with the return to their parents.

The day will be marked by moments of play : at the welcome - so that the children get to know each other and "break the ice", forming a group in a natural way; in the lunch break - "packed", to take from home, so that this moment is also a moment of conviviality and aggregation as well as easing any tension due to the concentration and commitment of the morning; at the end of the day before returning to the parents - so that the emotions due to the common experience are dissolved, being able to exchange feelings and reflect on the day passed.



Boys and girls, between 8 and 13 years old


Private / public


Classroom course in the classroom and in laboratories


Ability to play

Personal material

Work goggles, scissors with rounded tips (material that can be purchased in OpenLab , if not available)


10 h

N ° sessions


Session duration:

6 h + 4 h

Proposed running times

Saturday from 8:00 to 18:00

Location of the course

Training room - Via Girella 20 - 6814 Lamone


All teachers (chosen by OpenLab and identified on the basis of market demands) have a long-term training and skills that can be documented / documented, in relation to the topics covered during the course.